Monday, May 18, 2009

Hospital sweet hospital

Dad was planning for home sweet home today, but his visit to Lakeland Hospital has been extended a little. He has been eating well, his output has slowed down, but he keeps having blood pressure drops. Today, he told the nurse his blood pressure felt a little low and she should probably check it. When she checked it, the machine read 54/29. She thought there must be a problem with the machine she was using. So, she got a different machine. Same reading. Obviously, the machine wasn't the problem. The doctor had taken Dad off his IVs yesterday in preparation to send him home today. But, that little blood pressure issue got him hooked up to the IVs again. At this point, the doctors aren't sure why his blood pressure keeps dropping like that. He cannot go home with those kinds of drops. That is what caused him to fall and break his hip. Who knows what he could break next. So, at this time, the doctors are thinking Dad will be in the hospital another day or so providing he doesn't have another blood pressure drop. As Grandma Griffin would say, "One day at a time, sweet Jesus". We would also like to ask that you pray with us for our dear friends Bob and Bev PeArt. Bev's mom passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness.

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