Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Birthdays

We have a lot of August birthdays in our family. First up is Dad - he turned 62 on August 12th. Next is grandson Nathanael - he turned 10 on August 14. Oldest granddaughter, CJ, turned 14 on the 24th and last but not least is Elana Grace - she will be 6 tomorrow, the 28th.

Here is the August birthday crew.
Dad is doing pretty well. He has not been to the hospital in months and only goes to the doctor for his regular appointments. Having Hospice has done so much to help stabilize him. He is able to go on little outings - church, out to eat, grandkid birthday parties, etc. But, he still has to pay very close attention to his body and know when enough is enough. When his blood pressure is low or his output is too high, he gets an IV. If he is worn out, he stays in and gets rested up. It does make it hard to plan since Mom and Dad don't really know what each day will bring. But, they have learned to roll with it and they do what they can when they can. And some things just have to be saved for another day.

We are grateful for the progress Dad has made. He is getting stronger little by little. Instead of his walker he often walks with two canes. He does not need to sleep nearly as much during the day as he used to. Thanks for your prayers and all the love and support you give to Mom and Dad.

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