Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Look, Ma, no hands!"

Dad is becoming quite the show off!  This week, he has decided that he is going to start walking - by himself, no walker, no cane, no nothing.  We were at Mom and Dad's house a few days ago and Dad started to get up out of his wheelchair.  I asked him what he needed.  He said that he was going to walk to the couch.  I said, "do I need to be close by?"  He said, "Oh, probably".  But before I could get there, he was off on his own.  When he plopped down on the couch, he just beamed!  

Dad is progressing very well.  He still has his ups and downs.  Yesterday, he had what he would call a dumpy day.  He had to go to the doctor's office to review blood work to be sure all his levels are OK for his chemo next week.  While there, they decided that Dad needed an IV bag since his blood pressure was too low and he was looking a little, well, dumpy.  They could only give him a small bag since it was very close to time for the office to close.  He probably could have used a little more, but hopefully that will give him the boost he needed.  That is the first IV Dad has had in almost 3 weeks.  That is quite remarkable since we were expecting him to be sent home from the hospital with orders for regular IVs and possibly TPN feedings.  Dad also saw the GI doctor this week.  He was very pleased and has released Dad.  He no longer needs to see the GI doctor on a regular basis unless complications develop.  Dad's blood levels have all improved, he has gotten good test results this week and overall he continues to do very well. 

The photo below is from Christmas Day.  

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