Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moving A Little Slow

I haven't updated in awhile as there really has not been much change. Dad has gone to the Dr's office a few times for IVs. The home health nurse comes almost everyday to check on him. Mom and Dad chart very carefully Dad's input and output to be sure he is getting enough fluids and nutrition. There are concerns that the amyloidosis is interfering with Dad's absorption and that is why he has to get periodic IVs even though he is drinking what should be plenty of fluids. The Dr's are all pleased that Dad has been able to stay at home this long.

Dad is also getting much better at communicating to us and the nurse when something doesn't feel quite right. Last week, he just kept feeling a little dumpy. His normal bloodwork looked good. But he just didn't feel good. Well, they discovered that Dad has a urinary tract infection. He is being treated for that with antibiotics. After doing further testing, they realized the antibiotics that were originally prescribed were not the right ones for the particular type of infection Dad had. So, he started new antibiotics this week. In the meantime, the infection had gotten worse. So, Dad is just moving a little slow this week. The infection is taking its toll on his already weak body.

Dad goes back to his hematologist next week. They will discuss his continuing treatment plan. When Dad was at Mayos, the original chemo treatment was scheduled for 5 rounds. Dad has completed all 5 rounds. They will do another light chain test which measures the amyloid levels to see if the chemo is effectively reducing the levels. Based on test results and Dad's overall health, the next phase of treatment will be discussed.

Thanks for all your prayers. Please continue to pray that Dad will be able to fight this infection and get back to work on improving his mobility and strength.

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