Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

An update on Dad - overall he continues to do well, all things considering.  He has good days and not so good days.  He has a hard time not getting discouraged on the not so good days.  He sees them as setbacks, although the doctor has told us that down days are quite normal with a chronic illness.  Dad did have a two week period where he was fighting a urinary tract infection and he had to go in for IVs several times.  His blood work was good indicating that he wasn't dehydrated, but his blood pressure continued to be low.  It was decided that his blood pressure meds needed to be increased.  Hopefully this will help to maintain his blood pressure at a healthy level.
Mom and Dad were able to take their annual trip to Gatlinburg.  It was good for both of them to have a change in scenery.  Dad did pretty well, but they are both glad to be back home.  
We all had Easter dinner together today.  Below are a few photos.

Please continue to pray for Dad's treatment.  Each round of chemo has gotten harder on Dad physically.  The chemo is necessary to control his disease, but it is also taking a toll on Dad.  Pray for the doctors as they direct Dad's treatment.  Pray also for Mom as she is Dad's primary caregiver.  She does it all with a happy heart and not a word or complaining.  But, we all know it is hard on her as well.  She daily sacrifices so much to take care of Dad.  

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