Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Steps Back

Dad fell at home yesterday and has a broken hip.  Mr. Independent was trying to do things on his own while Mom was out doing some yardwork.  Of course, Dad did not want to bother her and ask for help.  He is now in Lakeland Hospital awaiting surgery.  He is very uncomfortable, but they were able to put him in traction and that has relieved some of the pain.  The surgeon has met with them and said the ball of the hip will need to be replaced.  The surgery is scheduled for today between 4 and 5pm.  The good news is that they plan to have dad up and moving the day after surgery.  I don't think he could handle another extended hospital stay of just bed rest.  Dad's health is pretty good right now, so hopefully this surgery will not be too much of a set back for him.  Please keep Mom and Dad in your prayers today as they prepare for this surgery.  

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