Monday, June 22, 2009

The Grill Master and his brother

Sunday evening we had a little cookout at Mom and Dad's to celebrate Father's Day. Since it was Dad's day, he decided that he was going to cook. So, he just scooted himself up to the grill and had at it.

Overall, I think Dad had a pretty good day. He was able to spend quite a bit of time outside and enjoyed having everyone around. Dad has definitely been more stable. Having Hospice has really helped Dad to develop a better maintenance plan rather than always operating in crisis mode. He is now able to stay consistently better hydrated and this helps in so many ways. Before, Dad would go to the doctor's office after he had become dehydrated and by then his body was so weak and worn out that it would take him several days to recover. Hospice is now working with Dad to prevent these "bottoming out" episodes and prevent the dehydration. Not only does Dad feel better physically, but it also helps him to have a more positive outlook.

After dinner granddaughter Elana decided she wanted to learn to ride a 2 wheeler bike. Always a sucker for the kids, Uncle Larry obliged. First, the tires had to be pumped up. And then they were off.....
And the next thing we knew, they were in the weeds!

I probably should have been checking to be sure everyone was OK rather than standing back and snapping picture. Always room for improvement I guess! (actually Elana was still giggling, so I wasn't too worried)

All in all, it was just the kind of day Dad wanted - pretty laid back, family around, flowers blooming, and a good nap in the chair!

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement. Mom and Dad cherish them so much!

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