Friday, June 5, 2009

It just hasn't been the best week

Dad continued to get weaker as the week went on. Today, he collapsed in the parking lot at the doctor's office. His blood pressure was very low this morning when the home nurse was at the house and she sent him to the doctor for IVs. Fortunately, the nurse told Mom that she could not take Dad alone and Uncle Larry went with them. When Dad collapsed, Uncle Larry was right there to catch him so he was not hurt. But, it was still very upsetting for everyone. Dad was taken by ambulance to the ER at Lakeland. He received IVs and was given the option to be admitted for more fluids or to go home. Dad chose to go home. Personally, I would have preferred that he stayed at the hospital for a day or two to try to rebuild some of his strength. Due to Dad's weakness, it is very hard for Mom to handle him by herself at home. But, Dad is more comfortable at home and feels that he gets better rest at home. We, however, are concerned for his safety at home. We are also very concerned for Mom at this point. She simply cannot continue to go at this pace. Please pray with us that Mom and Dad will make wise decisions regarding Dad's care. Please also pray that the doctors will have wisdom in treating this blood pressure issue.

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