Friday, July 10, 2009

All in all, not a bad week

Dad has done quite well this week. He is walking more (with a walker), gaining some weight and able to get out a little. Dad also thinks his neuropathy is improving. He is now feeling some aches and pains. Those are all good things. We are grateful for every step forward. Dad's bloodwork continues to come back perfect. The doctors are very pleased with his overall health. The blood pressure continues to be our main focus. IVs are still given at home on an as needed basis to keep the blood pressure where it needs to be. Whenever Dad's top number is below 90 for a blood pressure reading, the Hospice nurse will come out and hook him up to an IV. Dad usually gets an IV a couple times a week. Within the next few weeks, Dad will be having another light chain test. The results of this test will determine if Dad stays on a treatment dose of chemo or moves to a maintenance dose.

Thanks for your prayers, calls and visits. Mom and Dad are grateful for all of you!

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