Friday, July 17, 2009

Got Milk?

Dad's bloodwork is showing that his vitamin D is low. The doctor is not sure why, but has prescribed a mega dose of Vitamin D once a week to try to boost his level back up to where it should be. Otherwise, Dad has had a pretty good week. He's been able to get out with friends a little, scoot around the yard, critique the garden, go to the shop and generally just putter around at some of the things he likes to do. Our new dilemma is that Dad is doing so well with the maintenance program Hospice has been able to provide that we are getting concerned that Hospice may kick us out! While it is good to be "too healthy" for Hospice, the bad thing is the improvement is Dad's health is a result of Hospice and stopping that could send us back to where we were - trying to manage the crashes, in and out of the hospital like a revolving door, etc. Please pray that the doctors, insurance company and whoever else will be able to work out the details of a continuing home maintenance program for Dad. It has really improved his physical and mental well-being.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!

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