Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How's Mom?

Many have been asking how Mom is doing. She is doing really well - better than the rest of us. Sometimes I am concerned that she is doing too well. My concern is that she is simply emotionally and physically relieved right now and the fact that she has lost her husband of 41 years will hit her really hard at some point. However, Mom has reminded us that she has been grieving this over the past year and a half as Dad's disease progressed. Mom and Dad handled a lot of things privately between the two of them. Mom was very open and honest with us kids about Dad's condition, but she also chose not to burden us with a lot of the day to day issues she had to deal with. Over time, Mom lost pieces of Dad as the disease progressed and Mom did grieve every one of those loses. Mom knew how very much Dad hated being sick. Mom and Dad had both come to terms with Dad's illness and were very much at peace with each other and at peace with God's plan. Of course, Mom misses Dad, but right now she is enjoying spending time with the grandkids, getting out with friends, etc.

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