Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can You See Me Now?

Dad had a really good day yesterday. He got a new pair of glasses! It's a whole new world for him. For the past two months, he has not been able to wear his contacts and he did not have a regular pair of glasses. So, Bud Steinhoff made him a pair of glasses and delivered them right to the hospital. (Thank You, Bud!)

Dad is making really good progress. Even though he does not like being in the hospital, even he admitted that this past week has been really good. He is getting stronger every day. His vitals are remaining at good levels. He is awake and sitting up most of the day, reading the newspaper, visiting with company, talking about what his next goal is for his physical therapy, etc. It is good to see him making positive strides both physically and emotionally.

The plan is still for him to come home on Monday if his chemo continues to go well the next couple of days. He will be set up with an IV for fluids and TPN feeding at home. Hopefully that will help him stay hydrated to we don't have to bring him to the ER every couple of days. We are still waiting on some test results that will give us an idea of the effectiveness of the chemo. We are anxious to get those results and then be able to discuss our short term and long term treatment plans with Dad's hematologist.

Thanks for your prayers and visits!

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