Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Settling In

Mom & Dad with the Grandkiddos - August, 2007 when they celebrated Papa's 60th birthday.

Mom and Dad are still trying to settle in to a new routine at home. This has been challenging for both of them. When Dad originally went to the ER back in October, he was pretty much able to care for himself, walk with his cane and be pretty independent. Now, he needs assistance with pretty much everything he does. Since Dad has spent most of the last 10 weeks in the hospital, he and Mom have not had to really "go it alone" at home for any period of time. Dad wants to be independent and do things for himself, but he is quite limited in what he can do. That makes Mom the primary care giver. Dad has also been on IVs most of the last 10 weeks to give his body the fluids, medicines and in some cases nutrition it needs. Dad was sent home without any IVs. He will need to monitor himself to be sure he is taking in what his body needs. Dad is improving and getting stronger each day. We are all very happy with his progress. But he and Mom both have big jobs ahead of them! Please continue to pray for Mom and Dad as they try to support each other and care for each other in their own ways.

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