Sunday, December 14, 2008


"Tomorrow" is finally today! Dad is home. He was able to come home this afternoon and he and Mom couldn't be happier to finally be home together. The next couple of days will involve trying to establish a routine and a new "normal". A home health care nurse will be stopping by in the mornings. Mom is going to try to determine a good time each afternoon for a rest time for Dad. This will allow her to catch up on bookwork and household chores while Dad gets some uninterrupted sleep time. Mom and Dad will love to have visitors. Evenings or around lunch time will probably be the best times. I will keep you posted as they settle into their routine and let you know what their daily schedule is likely to be.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Dad still has a long road ahead of him to regain his strength. The doctor at the hospital was very open and honest with Mom and Dad. He explained that with a chronic illness such as Dad's, there will be periodic stays in the hospital. Complications will happen. We should not be surprised by that, but work through them. We have all really appreciated the hospital staff doctors at Lakeland. Dr. Dave and Dr. Sam - Thank You! We appreciate your care, your honesty and professionalism. Dad has also had wonderful nurses. Several of them have become part of our family over the past few weeks. They knew what Dad needed when he needed it and they were there - for all of us. Thank You!

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