Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More of the Same

Not much has changed. Dad did have a scope today which showed that the lower part of his small intestine is lookin' good. The GI doctor has given his GI tract a thumbs up. The main GI issue continues to be controlling his output.

Dad has also had some additional blood work done trying to pinpoint a cause for the frequent drops in his hemoglobin levels. So far, the blood work has come back normal. As of today, his hemoglobin is starting to come up on its own.

So, we really don't know what the next step is. Dad's vitals are all good. We're still not sure when he will be able to start his next round of chemo. We aren't sure when Dad will be able to go home. Dad has been approved to receive IV infusions through home health care when he does go home. That will help with the dehydration issue.

Dad is getting discouraged. He just feels like he can't make any progress. He does enjoy company and appreciates all your visits.

Please pray that the doctors will have wisdom as to what to do next. Also pray that Dad can resume his chemo soon. That is key to fighting the amyloidosis which is causing all these other complications.

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