Sunday, November 30, 2008

Passin' Time

Well, Dad is passin' time in the hospital again. He will likely be there until at least Tuesday. It has become evident that Dad needs IVs on a regular basis or he will going to the ER every day or two. So, Dad's staff physician is working with Dad's other doctors to coordinate home health care which will allow Dad to get IV infusions at home as needed. Otherwise, he just dehydrates so fast. Dad will have to remain in the hospital until the home health care is all lined up.

The GI doctor on call is a little concerned about Dad's frequent drops in hemoglobin levels. He will be discussing with Dad's regular GI doctor the possibility of some additional testing to see if they can find a cause for this. We should know more about this in the next day or two.

Dad is scheduled to start another round of chemo on Thursday. As of right now, it looks like that may be postponed until next week.

Dad's vitals have all stabilized and he looks good. He is eating well and has regained some of his strength. Hopefully, being able to have IVs at home will help him stay hydrated and eliminate some of the hospital time. Dad has only been home for about 10 days out of the last two months. He is really tired of hospitals!

Thanks for all your prayers!

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