Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slow but Steady

Dad continues to make slow but steady improvements. He has been moved to progessive care and continues to get daily physical therapy. His diet is slowly being progressed to included more foods. Yesterday he said he really wanted Good N Plenties. So, Mom and Elana (youngest granddaughter) went shopping. They couldn't find Good N Plenties, but did find Chuckles. The Dr. said if that sounded good to let him have it. Dad enjoyed every bite of it!

We continue to be encouraged by Dad's progress. He is beginning to get a little stir crazy though. He is starting to feel good enough that he doesn't want to be sitting around in a hospital room all the time. However, he still needs to be monitored closely until all his numbers stabilize and he is able to maintain healthy vitals without IVs, TPN feedings, etc. So, it will be interesting! He keeps trying to come up with an exit strategy. But, he still isn't walking too good, so he won't get too far! Please pray that he will have patience to let his body heal and that we will have patience with him!

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