Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"One More Day"

We have come to understand that "one more day" is a medical term that really means "we don't have any idea when you are going to be able to go home". For the past week, the doctors keep telling dad that he will be able to go home in "one more day". And "one more day" turns into "one more day". Dad is beginning to feel like a hamster - expelling a whole lot of energy to get nowhere.

Dad's vitals are all good. He is able to eat whatever he wants. But, his hemoglobin continues to be a little too low. He did get a blood transfusion last night. The doctors want to see the hemoglobin sustained at a healthy level before he is able to go home. What we don't know is what is a healthy level for an individual with amyloidosis. Dad has a very rare disease and he will probably not be able to attain the textbook perfect levels the doctors are looking for. So, at what point is good enough good enough? At what point can we get back to treating his amyloidosis? These are all questions we will be asking the doctors. Please pray that we will ask the right questions and the doctors will have wisdom.

Dad is getting a little stir crazy and does enjoy company. Thanks for all your prayers and all you do for us!

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