Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Steps Forward

Dad looks great today! Nathanael, his favorite (and only) grandson was able to see him for a few minutes today, and he said, "Wow! Papa looks excellent!" And compared to the last few weeks, he does look really good.

They have removed Dad's direct line from his neck and are preparing to move him to a regular hospital room. We are grateful that Dr. Dave has once again been assigned as Dad's staff physician. Dr. Dave has been with us since Dad was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 5. Dr. Dave knows Dad's case very well and he is very thorough. We really appreciate Dr. Dave. He works well with Dad and is firm yet caring. Dad still cannot have anything by mouth. Hopefully, soon the Dr. will allow him some clear liquids. Dad so badly wants something to drink. Today, the doctors informed us that Dad's platelet count had dropped. The Dr. thinks it may be a reaction to an antiobiotic Dad is taking. As I understand it, there is a 1% chance of this happening with this particular drug. Of course, Dad had to be the statistic. They have stopped that medication and the doctors aren't too concerned about that issue right now. It is something that will be monitored.

Dad was sitting up in a chair most of the morning. By the time I saw him early this afternoon, he was wiped out. He was going to try to get a nap in before they came to move him to a different room.

We continue to be encouraged by Dad's progess. I think he's pretty proud of himself too. Please pray with us that his digestive system will start to work properly (it tends to take a little vacation after the type of surgery Dad had and can take a few days to get going again), and that his body will be able to properly process fluids and foods. Over the last several weeks, Dad has become severely malnourished. And it is very critical that his body is able to retain nutrition so he can begin to regain his strength.

Thanks for your prayers, calls and offers of help. We appreciate all of you. Dad still needs a lot of rest. Please give us a call before visiting. While Dad can only have visitors a few minutes at a time, the rest of us love company!

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