Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Steps

Overall, Dad had a pretty good day today. He was quite busy. He had physical therapy, occupational therapy, numerous Dr. visits and Mom nagging (lovingly, of course) him to remember to do his exercises. He even walked with a walker to the door and back. That was a pretty big accomplishment. Due to the neuropathy and weeks of immobility, Dad is basically having to learn to walk again. One step at a time. His voice is getting stronger and he is beginning to sound like himself again. Which, of course, means that he has no trouble expressing his opinions. Sometimes, we just pretend we can't hear him.

The Doctors are all encouraged by Dad's progress. This time last week, I could have never imagined Dad could progess to where he is today. We continue to be very grateful for the caring group of doctors we have. This past Monday, Dad had a scheduled apt. with his GI Dr. As soon as the Dr. saw Dad, he knew something was not right and he put him back in the hospital. At the hospital, a routine X-ray used to check the placement of the pick line showed the first hint that something may not be right in Dad's bowel. A CT scan verified that there was a perforation and that led to the emergency surgery on Tuesday. Tonight, when Dr. Dave came in to see Dad, he thought his skin color looked a little too red. So, he consulted with other doctors and they decided to take Dad off his antibiotics in case he was beginning to have an allergic reaction. We are blessed to have doctors that know Dad well enough that they can tell if something isn't right just by looking at him and address it before it becomes a bigger issue. Dad has remained in the CCU unit not because his case is still considered critical, but because there are no other beds in the hospital. He's just fine with that. He enjoys his private corner suite in CCU. However, they are planning to move him to the 4th floor later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Dad did reach one more milestone today - ice chips! He was so glad to be able to put something in his mouth. As soon as they hear a little more rumbly in his tumbly he should be able to progress to a liquid diet. Dad's blood pressure remains excellent without any meds. He's even gaining a little weight on his TPN feedings. (Prior to surgery, Dad checked in with a fighting weight of a whopping 115 lbs. So, we'll take any weight gain.)

Dad's looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. I think that goal is looking pretty good!

We appreciate all your prayers. Please pray that Dad continues to progress and his body will be able to retain fluids and food as they are introduced.

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