Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I just got back from seeing Dad again this evening. He is still in CCU and is doing quite well, all things considered. The CCU staff is very pleased with his progress. He is back on TPN feedings which gives his body the nutrition it desperately needs. His blood pressure is good and he is no longer on medication to raise his blood pressure. He is not allowed to have any fluids yet. Just a little swab occasionally. He has developed some bed sores which have become a nuisance and are causing quite a bit of discomfort. The staff is very good at keeping him propped on his side so those sores will have a chance to heal. Just before I got there today, he had been sitting in a chair for about an hour. We are praying that the procedure he had yesterday to remove a portion of his colon will help to resolve the diarrhea issue.

Dad was able to complete his November cycle of chemotherapy before he was hospitalized on Monday. His next scheduled chemo cycle is in 3 weeks. Please pray that he will have regained enough strength to continue with the scheduled chemo as this is what controls his amyloidosis.

As a family, we have watched Dad's condition slide rather rapidly over the last several weeks. We talked this past weekend and had decided that a major decision would need to be made this week. We didn't know what that decision would be, but we knew that we were going to have to do something. God intervened and that decision was made for us. Tonight before we left the hospital, Dad said that he is encouraged by his own progress. That was so good to hear as the last several weeks have been very discouraging for all of us, but for Dad in particular. He could feel his condition getting worse and worse and he felt powerless to do anything to change his direction. After we talked a few minutes, Dad started to drift off to sleep. We said, "Sweet dreams." He smiled and went peacefully to sleep. Although he did open his eyes briefly to check what time it was. He wanted to be sure it was bed time. He's got a schedule to keep, you know.

Dad needs a lot of rest right now. The CCU staff is limiting his visitors. Please check with family before going to visit to be sure the staff is permitting visitors. We love the company, but ask that if you do visit that your time with Dad is kept very brief. Family is often in the CCU waiting room and you're welcome to pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee and visit with us as long as you like. We don't mind chocolate either :-)

Thanks for your love and support. We ask that you pray with us for Dad's continued improvement and that no further complications will develop.

Sweet Dreams!

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