Friday, November 21, 2008

One Day at a Time

Dad continues to slowly improve. He has been moved to a standard hospital room on the 4th floor. He can now eat anything he wants. For his first "real" meal - a Whopper with french fries. When the nurse reminded him that he still needed to eat healthy food, he decided to add a salad to that. His body seems to be processing the food well.

One complication of amyloidosis is that the body does not completely absorb the nutrients from food and fluids. So, Dad will have to be monitored for this and may need some supplemental nutrition along the way.

Dad is getting a little discouraged in that he feels like he is now in a holding pattern waiting for the doctors to agree on when he can go home. And, of course, they all have differing opionions. I think Dad is willing to pay off the first one that will sign the papers to let him go home. He is tired of hospitals and ready to be in his own environment. As a family, we want him to be physically strong enough to go home. But, at a certain point, we need to be aware of the negative physical consequences of becoming emotionally discouraged.

Please pray that the doctors will use good discernment in balancing Dad's physical needs along with his emotional needs. We want him strong and healthy physically and emotionally.

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