Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Dad is keeping everyone on their toes. This morning, he had some bleeding and it was enough that the surgeon on call was concerned. Dad's blood pressure and hemoglobin dropped. So, an endoscopy was ordered to be sure nothing further up the GI tract was causing the bleeding. The scope went well. A few ulcers were found that are probably a recent development. They will be treated with medication, but the Dr. indicated that they are not a major concern at this time. No bleeding was evident during the scope so the Dr. is unsure of the source of the bleeding. It could have been from the ulcers, leftover blood from the surgery, etc. The Dr. was pleased with the condition of the GI tract overall. In fact, he said he felt better about Dad's case after doing the scope than he did reading the chart before the procedure.

Because of the bleeding, low blood pressure and hemoglobin, Dad continues to be monitored in CCU. He received two units of blood and that has brought his blood pressure back up to a healthy level. When I left this evening, he had not yet had a blood draw, so I'm not sure what the hemoglobin levels are. The surgeon was pleased with the scope results and has allowed Dad to start a clear liquid diet. Dad was one happy camper. His first request - chicken broth. Mmmmm. Dad is looking like himself again and sounding like himself. His voice is getting stronger and he is getting bossy! I was walking down the hallway after lunch or dinner (not sure what you call the meal you eat at 3pm) with my mom and I could see Dad in his room at the end of the hallway. He was sitting up in bed watching a football game just looking like Dad.

Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to pray that Dad will get stronger, continue to heal and not have any further complications.

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