Friday, December 19, 2008

Deck the Halls

Yesterday, the grandkids had a pizza/decorate the Christmas tree party at Nana & Papa's. Mom and Dad really enjoyed having every one there. Here's the gang...

Dad continues to do quite well this week. He has not had an IV since Sunday afternoon. His blood pressue is holding pretty steady, he is eating well and drinking adequate fluids. He continues to work on standing on his own and walking with the walker. After I had taken several pictures yesterday, Dad wanted to see them on the LCD screen of the camera. When he saw the pictures of himself, he said "hey, I look good there!" He is looking so much better. We continue to be pleased with his daily progress. Dad said he wants to make cinnamon rolls for the kids this weekend. He is sure he can just roll his wheelchair into the kitchen and whip them right up. We're all looking forward to his cinnamon rolls!

Here are a few more photos from yesterday...

Dad realized he didn't have his glasses on in the first few photos I took and wanted to be sure I got some of him wearing his new glasses.

The girls decorating the tree.

Nathanael and Papa are discussing their next woodworking project.

Thanks for your continued prayers and visits. Mom and Dad appreciate them so much. Please pray also for Mom as she is coming down with some sort of a cold and is getting pretty run down. The last several months have been pretty rough on her and we are concerned about her health as well.

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