Saturday, December 13, 2008

No news news

Really nothing new to report. Dad is still hanging out in the hospital. He has been moved back to "his" room on the 4th floor. The doctors have decided to try to slowly introduce food again. Originally we were told that Dad would be on TPN for the forseeable future. However, there are health risks associated with long-term TPN use and when the doctors all conferred, they thought it best to try food again once Dad's digestive system had a chance to rest. So, Dad is being monitored to see how his system responds. Right now, he is on a soft food diet and so far has tolerated it well. They are also trying a dairy-free diet to see if that makes any difference. He has been able to keep his input ahead of his output and that is what the doctors need to see.

Dad did have a couple days this week where his blood pressure was a little too low, but nothing that wasn't able to be corrected by increasing fluid intake. The doctors are telling Dad that he will be able to go home "tomorrow". But that has been said for the last few days now. So, we'll see what "tomorrow" brings.

Overall, Dad has made such great progress since his surgery last month. It is good to hear the doctors using the word "recovery" instead of simply trying to stop a downward spiral. We are all encouraged that Dad continues to make slow but steady progress. His physical therapy is going very well. He was able to take about a dozen steps yesterday. That is remarkable improvement. Dad is frustrated that he can't do more. But he has come so far. I still don't think he knows just how sick he was. We are grateful for each day. Thanks for your prayers, visits and notes of encouragement. Mom and Dad both appreciate all of you so much. This has been a long and hard journey for both of them. Your encouragement keeps them going every day.

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